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— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
1st step: Get right with God in your heart ... if one is worried about what happens or what one thinks they are losing here on Earth, how can on be right with God? How exactly does that work?

2nd step: stop thinking remedy, it will only confuse you further. There is no such thing as remedy. That is one of them rabbit hole patridiot ideals.

Instead it helps tremendously if one were to think of this as completing delivery to treasury (storehouse) that initiated at birth  but has yet to occur (abandoned), thus those interests are being held with the State in a RESULTING TRUST and each time someone comes to one with the "Bill" (charge/court case/whatever), it is tacit admission one is withholding delivery, thus operating under the "false usufruct": not one's original dominion of the Earth under Genesis, but of Society as usufructuary (as surety of the Estate in Expectancy) ...

3rd step: come to terms with the fact that you are the problem ... one's current ways of being and thinking are the result of an intentional and systematic programming keeping one in need of being governed.

4th step: comprehend that these courts/corporations are TEMPORAL and can only deal with the DEAD, thus the BC is a letter of administration issued from a Probate Court (state registrar: ECCLESIASTICAL for State acts as if it were "God' ... see Romans 13) under Private Placement thus can not be impeached from a lower temporal court and allowing the attorneys and corporations the right to "access the estate" which is just a euphemism for saying "the State/Corporation is going to exercise right of lien for it expected something from the resulting birth, but has yet to receive, so the State/Corporation exercises a form of "Statutory Equity" (Statutes and Debts are nothing but a maritime lien interest) which allows the State (or whomever is attempting to control the US Person (NAME) under Treasury Rule 1-674(b) (26 USC 674)) to realize the benefit of the delivery (estate in expectancy: liquidate the maritime lien interest) and since the Treasury has yet to receive, then the one using the NAME is on the hook as surety (executor/trustee) but without the right of equitable subrogation for one must give equity to receive equity" 

So, taking all of this into consideration, one should be able to see one must first CLAIM the abandoned property (see Minnesota Rule 220), then take that claim to the Probate court of the County of Birth and let them know one has not "fled nor abandoned" (rebut the presumption of death), and then contact the Governor of the Birth State (notice Governor s/he is Trustee to complete the transfer) after at least 2 weeks after receipt of one's claim by the county of birth probate court (allow a chance for rebuttal) to complete the 12 USC 95a (2) transfer to the Treasury for the State of Birth is holding the interests in a RESULTING TRUST that were supposed to be transferred to the Treasury (storehouse) at birth but the interest can not be transferred at birth for that would render the servitude (a usufruct in favor of society of one's original usufruct (dominion) of the Earth granted to one by the Grace of God (estate)) as INVOLUNTARY.

The system is masculine in nature and REQUIRES a surrender (sacrifice ... go watch last 15 minutes of Constantine): servitude (usufruct) must be VOLUNTARY. Now the masculine system has something to protect and will no longer lash out in a fit of destruction. This is what the acceptance of Christ is all about: injection of a feminine energy into a masculine structure to give the masculine structure something to protect.

Now, one has demonstrated one is no longer a mere child, but a Child of God (12 USC 95a (2) is a peace treaty, contract and trust all rolled into one statute), and one walks perfect with Christ for one has "sold all their stuff and given it to the poor" (placed their treasures into the Treasury/Storehouse (heaven): see Matthew 19:21) and can now enter the Kingdom of Heaven having fulfilled the covenants of God by going back to the beginning (Christ is the Foundation of the World: see 1 Corinthians 3:11) and subduing the Earth for the Kingdom of God (overcoming Satan ... of which is just another way of saying one's Ego (Eve = Ego) no longer makes one's decisions) which then fulfills the Adamic Covenant and undoes the Covenant with the Serpent that man currently finds himself (Genesis 3 curse) .. the blood of the lamb fulfills all other covenants: one's actions fulfill the 3 covenants that require man to take action (Adamic Covenant under Genesis and the Covenant under Malachi 3:10/Matthew 19:21 ... third being to observe the Sabbath of which is a perpetual covenant).


one can go one's own way and do whatever it is one wishes.

Either way, you are the problem, thus the only one with the solution.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own. - Matthew 6:34-35
~ Boris

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