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USC 12 (95) (a) and (b)
— by don7411 don7411
Being a traveler and trying to logically find my way; I look for direction much like using a map to find a destination.  While everything is abstract I find certain tools more adept than others when entertaining a solution.  According to Cornell Law both (a) and (b) have been omitted.  I believe in my antecedent claim as prefaced in the preamble of the constitution.

That being said, I find the axiom "he who has the gold makes the rules".  Not wishing to argue, and be a peaceful inhabitant; I am still confused as to my remedy which is obfuscated and the law merchant apparently has no use for redress; only surety and chattel.  Since I find civil law no where in the Constitution; I keep (foolishly) returning to common law and the oath.  The bankers appear to be claiming something they have no right to unless I contract and pledge.

My main purpose here is coming to the right facts and conclusions and I welcome those of like mindedness.  Getting my head around all this is key before I empower myself peacefully.