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— by much2much2bear much2much2bear
As of Nov 17 9:14 am… Scribd Notice comes up:
“This document has been removed from Scribd.”
BOTH sides REMOVED = ScribD must have received and published both PDFs = CONTACT and PUBLICATION
PUBLISHED first… then REMOVED at some later ‘time’…
by a CORPORATION who chooses what it, SCRIBD, wants/allows to ‘make public’…    
One cannot REMOVE that which never existed
therefore... the REMOVAL of a thing PUBLISHED is prima facie evidence of it having been PUBLISHING
as confirmed by the REMOVAL of the thing…
SCRIBD IS NOW YOUR PUBLIC WITNESS to having received and published and REMOVED certain documents
but SCRIBD not under contract to continue posting ANY file they choose NOT to make available
Scribd cannot interfere with one’s right to contract…
Scribd removal does NOT, can NOT INVALIDATE the literary works of one ‘Howie.’
consider if you will… if Scribd disappeared this morning…
would EACH items once published be of none effect? Of course not!
remember those OLD signs: NO SHOES NO SHIRT NO SERVICE???
just add another irrevelent glossa:   NO TRUTH [posted by Scribd]
Congrats are in order for one ‘Howie’ and his ‘TOO HOT TO HANDLE’ .pdfs
Congrats as well to Scribd for its voluntary INFORMATION regarding:
 “CONFIRMATION OF THE EXISTENCE and PUBLICATION [‘of  certain’ .pdf’s Power and Truth] BY REMOVAL”

imho… if there were flaws and mistakes contained in those pdf documents…
they would definitely still be available at Scribd…!

thankyouverymuch Howie  
the pdfs of which i DID NOT SEE this morning
look like keepers to me...
much2much2enjoy... peace unto you and your family