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— by franc franc

It looks like your documents have been removed from Scribd. When I click on either link that you provided, I get: "This document has been removed from Scribd."

On 11/16/2016 6:25 PM, Howie [via UNDERGROUND CANTINA] wrote:

Time to become creative. Why not just publish your Document as a PDF on Scribd?

Have you ever wondered why the government has been "spying" on every e-mail, text and phone call? Could it be because all of these things have been part of YOUR record?

When the books close all of these things and much more will be brought in to be put on the scales of your judgment. If the scales balance you are atoned. If they may not be ready for this new heaven and new earth.

So, do whatever it takes to make your intention known on the record.

Here is mine:

By the way, a PDF can be used for legal documents to qualify them to be admissible in court:

Tomorrow, I will go to the County Clerk to get the Notaries Certificate of Authenticity and to record my Notice. If she refuses there is no harm and no foul, at least on my side. My document has been published.

Be creative Franc. Look for ways to not just step outside the box, but to rip through it.


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