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— by Howie Howie

What I would do is change the title to Notice. All Counties record Notices. It's not really the form that counts, it's the substance. So:

(Date in the Julian calendar)


To any and all: know that I, a spiritual man called (first name), who arrived on earth (your Birth date in the Julian calendar), born to the family (Last name) and given the account number (social security number without dashes) hereby forgives now and forevermore any and all debts of any and all persons identified or connected or amalgamated with the name (LEGAL NAME) with a birth date of (birth date on birth certificate) and a birth place in (place of birth). Please adjust your records accordingly to reflect this forgiveness and zero out any balances, and finally, restore.

By: (first name)

(right thumbprint)

...on the reverse of the Notice or on a separate paper stapled to it, put:

State of ____________
County of ______________

The foregoing instrument was accepted and acknowledged before me this (date) by (name of person acknowledging), who is personally known to me or who has produced (type of identification) as identification.

In witness whereof, I hereunto set my hand and official seals.

This is a standard Acknowledgment for persons acting in their own right. Go before a Notary and have them place their seal on your Acknowledgment and that should cut you through the red tape. I hope that helps.