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Thanks again, Howie. I think that the certificate would have more credibility if it is autographed in front of two witnesses and then accepted and acknowledged by the person in front of a notary and the notary's seal authenticated by the county. What say ye?

On 11/14/2016 3:02 PM, Howie [via UNDERGROUND CANTINA] wrote:
To Franc, I have gone in a much more round about way then I presented here to come up with the same result- zeroing out the balances. I have simply streamlines many years of discovery into a single move that any one so inclined can do. And, like I said, either do or do not. Ask yourself what are the risks vs what are the possible rewards. The choice is yours really, I am not here to sell you anything or convince you of anything, I am simply completing my contract to creation.

To Orionstar, I'm not really sure who you were following or what they presented. I can only tell you that the time is very short and I have presented a way for one to bring all accounts associated with them to zero. Think about it this way- if all of the debts for all of the persons were to be called in today, how would they be paid? If you have studied to show yourself approved at all you realize that you can not pay that bill with another bill called a Dollar. So, what would the currency be? It would be ones pound of flesh that is attached to his person would it not? But, a debt can always be zeroed if the creditor chooses to forgive that debt. That is the nature and the purpose of the Certificate of Debt Forgiveness. I hope that helps.

And, the language of the Certificate of Debt Forgiveness is a reflection of the Lord's Prayer. It is ancient divine law and it will remain divine law eternally. So, the Certificate could be used at any time really with this one caveat:

After the Jubilee one must remove from the Certificate the words,"...and finally, restore." That is the claim for Jubilee. A Jubilee is a restoration of lands and property to those who ask. It is over and above the forgiveness of debt and the zeroing of the acCOUNTs at the COUNTy. I simply combined the two for the sake of a lack of time. I hope that is not too confusing and answers your questions on what happens to those that miss the deadline of the Jubilee.

But, I will share something with you here and with everyone else who finds this post.

You are asking me for guidance. You are asking others for guidance. This is good, it shows that you are seeking the light.

The truth though is not in any other man or a book or any other place outside of you, because it can only be in you. That is why we must first seek the Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Heaven is within.

The question then becomes- How do I access the truth that shall make me free?

One can do this at will, at anytime. One can visit what Boris is calling the Church of Philadelphia in a flash. It just takes the right vehicle to get there.

That vehicle is in knowing the Name above all Names.

Do you think that Emmanuel received the Name above all Names as personal identification, something like Jesus Christ? Or do you think maybe He received something bigger, something more profound, something more powerful? Maybe, just maybe, what he received was a direct line to the Father, a direct line to source.

What if the Name above all Names is the true Name of God?

What if it wasn't a matter of how God's name is spelled, but how it is pronounced that makes all the difference?

This is what was given to me a long time ago and allowed me to see the things I have seen and heard the things I have heard which made it possible to help so many people along the way, and I'll share it with you now.

The Name of source is Yah, as in YAHoshua (Yah has saved) or HalleluYAH (praise be to Yah).

This Name is pronounced as a sharp YAH when breathing in. That is why it is the Name above all Names, one must breath in to be able to speak out any other Name.

You have spoken this Name many times although you did not realize it. Think of a panic situation, something like sliding off the road in your car, and as the ditch gets closer you take in a huge breath and at the same time scream YAH. The car straightens out and away you go, and you believe that you are the one who saved it, when in fact, you asked source to intervene and source did.

This is the single greatest secret on this planet, and it has been guarded by the Mystery Schools and others for thousands, maybe tens of thousands of years.

So, why don't you take a long shower and let the water drown out the bombardment of all the thoughts of all the people around you and then speak IN the Name of God while keeping in mind any question that you have.

And, when you get back from the Church of Philadelphia, share with the rest of us what you learned.

That is all I do.

Why take the answers to the questions you seek from me, a second hand source? Go straight to the source yourself and you will find the truth, and the truth is the only thing that can make you free...


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