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Re: To those still persevering till the end
— by Orionstar Orionstar
Is it proper to understand that everything else that has been told from the beginning no longer must need be; ucc-1, dba, ein's and living trust...

 or is this after those things are accomplished: or in conjunction with this newly revealed idea of the (D.C.F.)...

and finally is it true that the message being communicated at this time bars all, desiring truth of this freedom(future) after such date from ever achieving it?

Many are catching(are in mid process) up, most will still be unable to redirect funds...and others may now be hearing that those that this truth is being shared with currently for the first time, at the present time will be without good fortune once this date expires.

Is this assessment accurate?

 It must be known that there is a stark difference between interpretation vs is and always will be a profound service to never confuse the two...

Without controversy I ask for Help in order that I, and many others may properly understand.

We were told several weeks ago about the devising of a church(508) that would enable many to right many wrongs in the Secular/Civic this new focus what that is or is it part of it?