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— by franc franc

Thanks, Howie

On 11/13/2016 2:57 PM, Howie [via UNDERGROUND CANTINA] wrote:
First, to Boris, that is a perfect description of the spiritual side of this practical solution that was revealed to me and that I deliver here to you and others still seeking.

Second, to Franc, I would simply go before a Notary in person and have her/him pull the language from their Notary Handbook as to Acceptance and Acknowledgement. Have a blank page ready and have the Notary write the language in and staple it to your Certificate of Debt Forgiveness. Follow her/his directions as far as signing and dating. It is their procedures and their timeline after all.

There is no time for guess work. It is simply do, or do not, and following the normal protocols should get you past any red tape that you may meet at the County Clerk/Recorder's office as far as recording your Certificate.

At least that's how I would handle it.



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