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— by franc franc
Thanks for entertaining my questions, Boris and thank you for welcoming me in the conversation. The purpose of my questions is to clear the fog and confusion after decades of indoctrination and misinformation. I want to ensure that they did not set up the game to look like God's will, only to entrap us by our own consent to participate in it.

For me, I was enslaved not because I refused to follow God's law, but because I trusted in my parents, teachers and authority figures. I was thought to go to school, be the name, get licenses, get jobs and make money. I was not made aware of God's law other than what was taught in corporate churches. And yes, it appears that I am on the hook for my ancestors' iniquities.

However, I do not believe that I am a victim. I know that at some level I put myself through it all for a reason. It is been a few years since I started questioning things. I have some way to go yet, and, yes I have some forgiving and repenting to do. But, I do not want my forgiving to be license for evil to be perpetuated.