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To those still persevering till the end
— by Howie Howie
On November 20th, 2016 of the Gregorian calendar The Door of Mercy will shut, the Books will be closed and an accounting will begin. So, pay close attention to what is written here.

I will keep this as brief as possible so as not to lose your attention, and at the same time, I will try to preserve the substance of what is presented.

You, as man, as an immortal living spirit having an earthly experience, have been suffering from schizophrenia, not knowing truth from fiction, and you have also been suffering from multiple personality disorder. It is time to heal yourself, to make an atonement, and make it known to the whole of the world.

You have had three possible states of being while you were here:

Man with no person, or simply an animal.

Man who has a person or persons, enlightened and grounded with truth.

Man being a person, in the dark lost in time and space and in perpetual debt to the very man that you have forgotten that you are. The Matrix, where nearly everyone is trapped.

You must wake up from the prison of your mind, you must come home and you must remember who you are, where you are and what time it is.

The nature of your suffering is that you are a person, or so you believe, who is in debt, but you have forgotten that you are also the creditor to whom the debt is owed. You, in your illness, then must be corrected in a “House of Corrections”, or placed in a Ward (Psych Ward) as a ward of the court or a ward of the state. This is the nature of the open air penal colony that you find yourself in.

The Public actors that you blame for your current suffering are only acting as Public SERVants, in a civil time line different from your own as man, SERVICING the debt of persons for the creditor called man, awaiting mans arrival (Matthew 25:14-30).

It is time to remember. You are the creditor, and only you can stop the madness that you are in by forgiving the debts of your person(s) and thereby stopping the administration of the debt. But, as crazy as this may sound, it requires that you travel through time.

It looks like this:

(Date in the Julian calendar)



To any and all that are presented with this Certificate, know that I, a spiritual man called (first name), who arrived on earth (your Birth date in the Julian calendar), born to the family (Last name) and given the account number (social security number without dashes) hereby forgives now and forevermore any and all debts of any and all persons identified with the name (LEGAL NAME) and/or the account (social security number with dashes) and/or the birth date (birth date on birth certificate). Please adjust your records accordingly to reflect this forgiveness and zero out any balances, and finally, restore.

By: (first name)

(right thumbprint)

Now, you, as man, must travel from mans timeline in the Julian calendar back to the future, 13 days ahead in the Gregorian civil timeline, and gift this certificate to your person.

Now that you have arrived 13 days ahead (in the same moment) to the Gregorian civil timeline and delivered the Certificate to the person, what must the person now do?

The person, who can do no thing without you ambulating it, must now, through your will, Accept and  Acknowledge this Certificate before a Notary and then publish this Certificate into the County records.

The result is this:

 “‘Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
10 your kingdom come,
your will be done,
in earth as it is in heaven.
11 Give us today our daily bread.
12 And forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
13 And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil one.’

From there, it may be wise to send copies of the recorded Certificate to the major administrators:

Chief counsel for the IRS
County attorney for birth county and current county that you are in
Birth states and current states Attorney Generals
Attorney General of the US
Post Master General of the US
Chief administrative Judge of any courts you are dealing with or have dealt with
The Bishop(s) of diocese of Birth and current diocese
The Pope
The Lord Mayor of the City of London get the idea.

You have now accomplished your mission. You have done your part to balance the books and zero out the debt before the great accounting commences. Have you ever wondered why some churches have a cross with a circle in the middle? It is because the Cross is the symbol for an accounting ledger, the right side is for creditors (Book of Life) and the left is for debtors (Book of the Dead). If you have canceled out the debt you are in the middle and zeroed out, as all Kings since King John have been. Remember that Christ sat at the right hand of the Father (as creditor), and he said that you will do greater works than Him. That work is to sit with the Father and not next to Him.

Now, what are the consequences of failure to complete this Jubilee?

Simple really. The persons will be foreclosed on to collect the debts owed to man. The powers that be, the administrators, call this a “Theater of War” and “Collateral Damage”.

It is my hope that this can be aVOIDed. It only takes a very few righteous, conscience, and enlightened beings. Will you be one of them?