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— by Rschallmo Rschallmo
 I did a FOIA  request for my mother-in-law's credit card to  The judge who signed the execution, the court, and the debt collector.  This is been going on for years and they were going to attach my mother-in-law's bank account. I did this back in August. The debt collector sent me a letter on October 20, 2016. Enclosed  was a notice of appearance of councel for the plaintiff;  notice of withdrawal of counsel for plaintiff; and certificate of service. Another attorney did this on behalf of the plaintiff in the complaint.

 The only thing they didn't do was answer my request. I requested FOIA investigators report for the collateral assessment and document information. I also requested the bond/assessment authorizing this claim under UCC 9-210.The debt collector was the only one who responded the judge or the court didn't. I'm wondering how I can go after them for my request.