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Probate the Will of God
— by Hallow Hallow
Probate the Will 10-20-2016


In respect of the info here sent me by John. Thank you John for bringing this to my attention. 

Will, not trusts is the highest law.

I have the forms to reclaim the Estate which effectively removes the government as the administrator. This gets filed and registered into the system. This form has on it, birth day, not date of birth.

It may be the mother giving her maiden name on SoLB makes the child a bastard, ward of the state, but it may also be done that way because why?

To whom do you belong?

Have you read the Bible, the will of God, the highest law?

Who does it say your Father is? Who do you claim is your father?

Who do you represent? In whose image are you made?

In the world not of it correct? It's all how you see the World. The probate court may not be what you think it is.

Now, once the will is filed (in probate court of record) one has control of the SoLB, his title, and the holder by fact of holding your title holds it as trustee. NOW YOU CAN ORDER PROPERTY (promises of God) from the invisible, outside of the sight of the system agents, because God is unseen and so are you as His Son or Daughter. See, all property belongs to God and His will be done.

Now I am looking for two people to witness the will and then file it with the Court. Anyone interested so you can follow the process?



I should have said God is the trustee after the will has been filed.

Did Marcus not say the public servants are subject to men and women, God's representatives, carrying out the will of God?

Dead or Alive 10-20-2016


The name on a SoLB is of the living, name of child (of God, life event: Given name(s), surname. This is the title to our inheritance, the promises of God.

The name on a BC is of the dead, persons name: BECK, VICTOR ROBERT. Use of this indicates we appear to be DEAD and by law authorizes the state to take control of our inheritance/property (escheat).

This process of which i speak, filing the will of God, His will is my will, connects us directly to the SoLB. We do not get there by passing thru the BC name. To do so is akin to the dead trying to speak with the living. Does not compute.
Monopoly Game: Go directly to jail (rest and repose), do not pass go. If you have played monopoly game quite often it is a relief to end up in jail, away from the charges ones faces in the game. It's not fun anymore..........
These forms I have that are required to file a will are their court forms. The will is placed into an envelope and deposited with the court for SAFEKEEPING. Notice is then sent by the court registrar tooooooooooo, the ESTATE REGISTRAR.
There is lingo to be added to the will of God before it is signed by i.e. me, the testator. Then it is placed in an envelope that has particular lingo on the outside face of the envelope.
On the Notice to Estate Registrar form one indicates who the trustee is.
See, everything begins with a will; where there is a will there is a way. And God said let there be Light was initiated by the will of God. As we learned from Marcus our will should be one. Do you know what it is?


Hi Christine, 10-20-2016

The will is that of God, the Father, and the Son the lawyers except to witness the signature of the testator, in this instance, me. My will, the testator, is the will of the Father. When one says in respect of the Lord's prayer "thy will be done on earth as it is saying, it is my will the will of God be done. GET IT?

Keep in mind here we are talking of this while alive and of course the Father is, lives forever. So this is not the will of a dead man and has nothing to do with intestate except as we learned from Marcus, the death of the old man, former me, reborn; not the person, not dead. This process takes the property out of Wonderland, the land of the dead, and lands it in the land of the living.
What you said about the Roman era is exactly what is going on this day. Folks draft up and register their will doing so in the legal name. That is what gives the government and probate court jurisdiction over the property, the Estate promised by God, the inheritance. WE DON'T WANT THAT.  
This what I am sharing should be looked at from the point of being alive, this is not about the dead. And no lawyer can carry out this will as Francoise put it.
This form to register the will does not have a place for first middle and last name as we see on legal documents. It has a place for first given name, second given name, third middle name and the surname. This thing ties right back to the SoLB which is the title to our Estate, inheritance, from God. That is what the SoLB represents...........
How people are acting today not knowing who they are or of the significance of using legal name to id self, the first will, evidenced by the SoLB/Life, shall be last, and the last will, evidenced by BC/Dead, legal name on will, shall be first or Supersede the first will, the will of God. In other words, by our use of legal name to express our will, do what we do in that name, the state gains control of the property willed us by the Father, God...........................Why, because we are DEAD.........................So long as we appear we are dead, until we show we have possess life, the state administers what God willed us. This is what is going on folks..............
The Bible is the will. God is the executor/trustee. There is language to be added to the Bible/will.

I shant get into it all here but soon as the will is filed I will share all. I want to go thru the steps to completion so I can share based on actual experience.............