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— by iamsomedude iamsomedude

The BC is the letter. That is what they are administrating.
Even if a court besides probate sees one as alive, it MUST operate under the Letter of Administration (BC) as if it were an intestate estate under guardianship of the State (ward) and you are a mere Child (because that is what the NAME is, a CHILD: says so right there on the BC ... a PERSON or INFANT) because all these other courts are inferior to probate for they are temporal while probate is a result of the actions of the ecclesictical and all of them have ZERO authority over the estate of the man living and if the HEIR BE A CHILD (CHILD = INCPMPETENT) HE IS A SLAVE ... Gal 4 is VERY ADAMANT ABOUT THIS.

The presumption of death leaves the BC account in "suspended animation" which keeps it a CHILD or INFANT as a ward of the State ... When one comes in under Cestui Que (akin to the prodigal son), there is no more dead dude (no CHILD), so the BC and all the derivatives and securities issued revert back to the Treasury and the BC record SEALS and closes its administration over the estate of the one as if it never occurred ... which places one back into the Garden because the act of one coming to life SEALS THE DEAL for you followed your heart to get to this point which shows one accepts Christ and by your fruit you shall be known.

The time appointed by the Father is when you follow your heart ... Now, on November 17, 2016 the Son of Man shall be conceived and birthed 40 weeks later on September 23, 2017 of which will then also establish the Church of Philadelphia. This means the Queen is going to kick the bucket in that time frame. When this occurs the Key and Seal of David shall pass to the Church and the Doors shall open, never to close.

Now with all of this said, IF you are going down the road of incompetence, of which I did at one point, then make sure you LISTEN very carefully to the silver tongued serpents you will encounter along the way for they are deceivers by nature and do not volunteer to help you; they act to hinder.

But, if you believe anything these liars and hypocrites; these members of the Synagogue of Satan, have to say, then more power to you. I for one do not, and have been warned by the words of the Father as such and have since been guided to this path by the Father and none shall convince me otherwise.

Besides, has it ever occurred to anyone that if one is living, one is incompetent the handle the affairs of a dead dude??

The BC is a dead dude. How do I know? The probate has ALREADY agreed with me. I went to put a will into the registry and was told you are living and I told them, I know, but then I held up the BC and said: BUT THIS DUDE IS DEAD and they filed the will. I just did not know what to do at the time.

PROBATE handles estates and INCOMPETENCY for the Letter of Admin (BC) was issued by mistake thus the incompetence to handle those affairs because the Letter NO LONGER EXISTS thus nothing left to administrate. THE LIVING IS INCOMPETENT TO HANDLE THE AFFAIRS OF THE DEAD for it is written: let the dead bury the dead.

You be living AND not a child is what renders you incompetent because the Letter (BC) should never have issued, thus nothing to administrate.

~ Boris

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