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— by Diederik Diederik
4 minutes to reply ...I'm humbled indeed.

para1 - yes BC is gravestone we already agreed on that. Yes they have jurisdiction because we are dead. We can't claim or pay (valuable consideration) our way out, we can only be redeemed out - without money.

para2 -The doc we put up proves that estate law is ecclesiastical, so agreed there as well. So show me this letter of administration?? There is no letter of administration, it is automatically under interim administration by process of Law, Davey Jones. No letters. That is the problem.

para3 - Not just yet...

para 4 -What we are talking about we are not beneficiaries. the legal and beneficial go to the Crown, the trust is effectively collapsed. We can ask for bread and hope not to receive a stone. That is why we are living, and not an officer of a trust, or a trustee de son tort (pirate). Caesar is managing the worldly. Self governance is allowed as long as we behave. Someone I recall suggested the lasting peace was for the occupying force to maintain public order etc. If we beat our brother with the sharp end of a bar stool, do you really think you will be allowed to "self-govern"? freedom is for the obedient.

Para 5 - Not sure about the Dec independence. We have some Maori's here who believe their Dec independence 1835 is the fix for the world also. I'm sticking with the bible. Otherwise, agreed, the whole deal is that this is our choice.

Para 6- I'll have a read sometime....

Para 7 -Yes, before i am a man, I must first be as a child again, be born again. It is only after the gate, eye of the needle,  is passed that we can await such things. This is the root of our difference of opinion. I don;t believe I can leapfrog the gate, as an "adult". And i don't mind admitting my thinking is childlike.

Para 8 - You are right, the things of Caesar's do not concern me.

Para 9 - Yes, I have been dead long time. looking to remedy that by obeying the commands of Jesus. I know it will need nothing of myself, and i have no valuable consideration to offer - "that none may boast".