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D-- the earth and usufruct was placed in the trust of the kings of Babylon.

B -- this is the Cestui Que and one needs to "make claim" as a beneficiary (heir) and to do so, one follows their heart which is then the appointed time by the Father. Malachi instructs the people to put the tithing into the storehouse then come to him to fulfill the promise of God THROUGH the STATE (ordained by God: Romans 12, thus as if it were God).

The tithing has already been put in the storehouse via the birth certificate, but since the people operated (governed themselves) for the ME, ME, ME (and the ME, too), then they are DENIED entrance because they still operate from the EGO that caused the expulsion from the Garden and results in the Curse under Genesis 3 for in reality there is no light, nor dark; no right, nor wrong .. there just IS.

The time appointed is when one follows the heart, thus SELF GOVERNANCE (re: Gettysburg) just as Christ taught of which is ANARCHY. The TRUST that was set up under the kings of Babylon still remains, it is just that one CHOOSES to govern oneself (to NOT eat up the usufruct for generations to come) so one does not rely on nor need governance by the guardians and trustees of that trust of the kings of Babylon (currently the Vatican and Crown). Read Teddy Roosevelt's speech at the Jamestown Exposition, April 26, 1907.

As for everything else, we can agree to disagree because I still do not see anything that states BE A CHILD only come AS A CHILD of which I am led to believe is 100% faith, belief and trust the both the world and word of God are perfect, unlike our COMING OF AGE (AGE OF MAJORITY) moment in the Garden, thus our need to REPENT (change our way of thinking/being).

We are to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as a dove and one is really not making (swearing) affidavit, one is DECLARING ALELGEANCE TO GOD THRU HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON (surrender = acceptance + delivery) ... the "challenge" is our acceptance of what IS, not how one wishes it to be, so that we may be delivered from evil through our surrender with Christ and if people wish to keep arguing over this one point, then so be it; reject with what they do not comprehend (agree), thus continue to rebel against God and remain subject to the guardians and trustees of that trust of the kings of Babylon for that trust was set up to protect God's stuff from waste ("squandering" the usufruct for generation to come (read Jefferson to Madison letter)) by the heathens who liked to dance around their fires and hoot an holler to their gods, drink and fornicate with the land without thinking about the consequences of their actions, which would have led to the destruction of humanity.

Just look at what we have today ... is there really any difference from when Moses went to "talk to God" and brought down the 10 Commandments (15 if you like Mel Brooks' version better ;) ) and today??

In a way, all of this shit reminds me of one story I had with an woman from India on an airplane.

We were talking "why is the cow sacred?" She told me, it is because the Cow is the best animal to plow the fields because it is strong and its waste makes excellent fertilizer, but the people were eating everything in sight, so the religious leaders at the time told the people the cow was a gift from God to help them tend the fields so they will have enough to eat. It is the people who took this to extreme and now we have the "cow is sacred" crap running their lives because they now choose to be governed by some story instead of seeking the logic (truth) in what was being told.

I am led to believe that the people of this world are retarded and insane and don't like to think about the consequences of their actions (like little children: thus come AS a child (with innocence, belief and trust) not BE a child (manipulative little heathens without thought of consequence (ME, ME, ME))), nor do they wish to do as such (see Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars), and this is why there are guardians and trustees.

~ Boris

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