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— by franc franc
Hello folks,
I have unwittingly obtained a US citizen passport almost a decade ago, when I did not know any better. I was not born in Washington DC, nor have I ever been there, nor have I taken an oath of allegiance to the US. I have been wanting to return it and obtain an american national passport instead, but waited so that I could be better educated on how to get it. I know now not to provide a SSN and not to check the citizen box for parents or spouse, for example. The current passport is expiring soon, so I have to get going on this. Does anyone here have an american national passport? If so, I ask for your assistance in getting one for myself.

I know that I have to use a DS-11 form because I want a new passport and not a renewal of the current one. I have looked over the passport application and have some questions regarding it. I know that the the info provided on the applications determines whether I get an american national passport or a US citizen passport. So, I want to do this right. Here are my questions:

1. They want the current passport included with the application. But, I do not want then to use it as an ID because it IDs a US citizen. How do I prevent them from using it as ID?

2. The fields on the application are labeled for persons, not men. First Name, Middle name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Address refer to persons. Given name, family name, birthday and post location refer to men. How do i handle this mis-characterization?

3. They want me to write in an occupation, which is a military term. I do not engage in military activities. Do I leave this field blank?

4. There is a question on the application that reads: "Have you ever been issued a US passport? If Yes, give name and number on passport" Again, the current passport was a mistake. I do not want to be considered a US citizen. How do I answer this question?

5. The paragraph above the signature line states in part: "...I am a citizen or non-citizen national of the United States... " I am neither. I am an american national, a non-resident alien in respect to the US. Do I cross that phrase off on the application?

6. Is there a proper way to sign the application, like "without prejudice" or do I precede the signature with "By:"?

I thank you all in advance for your help with this.