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— by Diederik Diederik
Completely agree. The legal age of majority is a protection. It precludes us from choosing to be prodigal until we are old enough. We should never have made the wrong choice to take the bowl of porridge. Having all done so, it needs to go back.

I suppose the point of difference is how. It may well be that rule 220 Minnesota is exactly the correct thing that needs to happen. We have tried similar things here with affidavits and other statutory options for getting the beneficial interest back to the Crown/Treasury. The consistent response is along the lines "we won't accept anything FROM YOU". These efforts date back to 2012.

So putting the Galatians "children under managers" UNTIL THE TIME APPOINTED BY THE FATHER. together with the command to be as little children. That leads to the conclusion that we cannot be allowed to effect the transfer ourselves, other wise WE would be the ones deciding the appointed time, rather than the Father. So we come to the remedy for those not fully competent. Have to go back to being as children, let the managers, sort out the details of cleaning up our messes. And it may well transpire that the various remedies we have looked at are indeed the ones that they will use. But why should we? We have no license to practice law.

In NZ this process for partial incompetents provides for 3 year review....kind of like 3 days in the grave.

The material you and Jim have provided Boris, has been very insightful. Moved the game forward massively. And I am not challenging the correctness of what you guys have concluded. Nor wanting to undo the contribution this site has made. Not saying NO BUT, rather, yes and....knowing what to ask for is critical, and you guys have helped (don't take it personally, For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever.....of course). Knowing the path is starting to become clear, the and is simply that perhaps we don't need to do the legal stuff ourselves. We are commanded not to swear at all, that makes affidavits a problem. The surrender window is built, it does not require us to swear, it does require us to be as children.