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I read this and it is exactly what has been shown within the site.

Everything is already set-up ... HOWEVER, I am led to believe, there is one thing missing from the writing offered: reference to Malachi 3:10, for the New Testament states "the whole of the law must be fulfilled" and that we must walk in the footsteps of Christ (1 Peter 2:22-25) for in taking out inheritance before the time appointed by the Father, we actually become circumcised from the Father. Galatians states this very clearly.

Now that Christ died for our sins, we can now go back to the ORIGINAL sin: the doubt we had that both the word and world of our Father was not perfect, of which culminates in the eating of the forbidden fruit of which results in the Genesis 3 curse upon man: judging self and others.

The fruit as not offered by the Father, but by the serpent: a test of the ego as EVE = EGO.

Malachi 3:10 states one is to place ALL of the tithing into the storehouse ... in Moses day, it was the "gleaning of the fields" (usufruct) and since we are circumcised for claiming our inheritance before that appointed time, then Galatians reminds us in 5:3 that "If you are trying to find favor with God by being circumcised, you must obey every regulation in the whole law of Moses."

So, the solution is to surrender what we took from our Father in the Garden (the usufruct of the forbidden tree) and then, as Malachi instructs, CHALLENGE OUR FATHER and this is the ONLY place in the bible wherein our Father ASKS us to CHALLENGE HIM for the blessings of the NEW COVENANT.

And for what exactly are we challenging our Father??

STATUS CHECK ... in United States is would be the NATIONALITY as a NATIVE of the State of the union in which you were born ... see Government Printing Manual 5.23. Remember, Treaty of Paris of 1783 RECOGNIZES the original 13 colonies as Nations, Florida is done by way of Adams - Onis Treaty (a land grant from the Pope to United States of the Union), the rest emanate out of the Northwest Territory (a trust created from the excess lands (estates: territories) acquired by the colonies after their formation), which is why one must do the Minnesota Rule 220 affidavit (show age of majority and establish an "ownership interest" so you have something to surrender)

Now, one should be able to CHALLENGE for the nationality by initiating a SURRENDER to the TREASURY then moving to (birth county probate) court to issue a DECLARATORY JUDGMENT recognizing one as a NATIONAL and the SSN bonding you as surety should just dissolve away from inception. The TRANSFER and ASSIGNMENT of the usufruct (beneficial ownership) is the "payment" to release one from military service: remember: Seisin in law: "Livery" (or delivery) by "seisin in law" occurred when the parties to the transaction went within sight of the land to be conveyed and the transferor declared to the recipient that possession had been granted. This constituted however only an incomplete conveyance. AND 'to sue one's livery' refers to the formal recognition of a noble's majority, in exchange of payment, for conferring the powers attached to his title, and thereby freeing him from dependence as a ward.

"to sue one's livery" would be to initiate a suit wherein one is FORECLOSING upon one's INTEREST (Minnesota rule 220) so that INTEREST can be delivered to the STOREHOUSE (Treasury) and then on can CHALLENGE GOD of which is to correct the record and change the STATUS of the PERSON (estate) so one can finally enter the kingdom of heaven here on earth by taking residence within the house of the LORD (Psalm 91): the LORD being the Crown/State wherein the INTEREST was put into the STOREHOUSE (Treasury) so both the Crown/State LEGAL and one's EQUITABLE title are in the Treasury and now the PUBLIC is no longer INEQUITABLE because one GAVE EQUITY in order to RECEIVE EQUITY.

... the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell
~ Boris

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