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Thank you for framing the process and intent behind each reference ~ much appreciated.  Because the ICCPR is not self-authenticating and the official process requires some time, I hope I can still invoke some type of recognition.

I also went back to the counter claim on your site (below).  This describes in perfect detail, the very unique circumstances of my situation - right up to, and including their dishonor of the authenticated indemnification receipt and 12 USC 9 (a)2.  I just want to ensure I come in peace, not controversy.  Thanks again for your response!  ~ Peace ~

Mandatory Counter-claim against actions taken = SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP (17 stat 15: 42 U.S. Code ยง 1986): John Doe, civilian citizen operating by and thru NAME, coming in peace as a sick and wounded POW suffering injuries (22 Stat. 940; Treaty Series 377 (Red Cross Convention: 1864: Article 5)) at the hands of senior officers and agents using their positions of power and authority in the host nation for private profit and gain through forced commercial intercourse, pillage, and plunder resulting in the wanton destruction of private and public property without authority in violation of Article The First of the Treaty of Ghent 1814 (8 stat 218) and Articles 42, 44, 46, and 47 of the Lieber Code with dishonor of the Authenticated Indemnity Receipt issued by the Commanding Officer under Article 38 for surrender of the usufruct in violation ofTrust (RE ############## of bond issued to county)

Relief Requested: As J Doe, civilian citizen, has been subject to indentured servitude and slavery since DOB and under Article 43 of the Lieber Code stands entitled to the rights and privileges of a freeman