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— by rowanlefwyn rowanlefwyn
This is interesting. I just moved to Ohio in January (from Michigan where I was accomplishing a little but not much as I'd like due to wading through the veil of ignorance ) and noticed that getting things sorted out here is much easier than where I came from --at the BMV, at the court, filing UCC etc.  Doing things the right way seems to open more doors in Ohio instead of the doorman pretending he didn't hear you knocking.  

I asked for a legal title to my vehicle at the BMV (instead of the equity title) . Instead of pretending she didn't know what I was talking about or telling me a title is a title is a title I thought the clerk was going to come over the counter after me. They way she behaved made it plain she heard this all before but was hardly in any position to object.

I'd like to hear more about this group if you should have any more updates. I'm rather more on my old lonesome here in the cornfields.