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ok, so now you use the ICCPR (self-determination and freedom of "religion") and the Treaty of Peace and Amity 1814 in conjunction with what you have already done and stand on it.

Now, you make your counterclaim to the matter for peace under the treaty and pursuant to 12 USC 95a (2) for it is the same as putting the tithe into the storehouse pursuant to Malachi 3:10 of which instructs you to challenge God in order to receive the blessings.

So, the recourse would be to what? "Petition for Judicial Review with the District Court" or in other words: challenge God for the blessings of the new covenant.

In order to "win", you need to show where god's law and man's law consolidate and merge, thus extinguish obligations and the ICCPR and Treaty of Peace and Amity are constitutional obligations binding on all courts, thus Part a would be the logical path, or am I mistaken?

This is the essence of the surrender of the usufruct to account for the "purchase" (taking of the usufruct) under Articles 38 and 134 of the Lieber Code and the assignment of the reversion to ensure the "last jot and tiddle" be accounted for in order none of the Glory (profit) done in his name comes back unto you for that would render the entire estate taxable (with heavy burden) whereas one's burden is light.

You also may wish to "revoke the person" with the Post master and the Registrar. This is just where you inform them there is a mistake and you revoke and rescind the "office of person".
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