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 What I am taking from this and correct me if I am wrong is that the Chicago Reserve is servicing the debts between us and the treasury per 12 usc 411 the way the Federal Reserve was meant to, per the trading with the enemies act  in the absence of money of substance.

Then IRS then does the accounting --balancing the books as it were . Our personal exemptions allows for a certain amount (depending if you are single, married, head of household, etc) of unredeemed use of Federal Reserve notes and then one is taxed  after going over that ceiling. Meaning you are allowed the use of so much funny monopoly money before being penalized (taxed). The use of Fed Notes without redemption taxes the Fed as they have to secure loans to cover the debt and its interest.

So one is not revoking their ss # which has been tried and failed many times  but moving it to the 'right' side of the ledger?

 Submission of the ss-5 as shown above also serves to help  correct one's status to standing as the pledge, etc to the UST would?

Does one continue submitting bills to the treasury (or IRS depending on your way of doing things)  or would they then be given over to Chicago Federal Reserve for deposit to the treasury  so the debt can be serviced (settled with the treasury)?
it makes sense that one could just deposit the bills there as they are also obligations of the UST. A bill is a bill is a dollar bill is an electric bill.

And then a trust (an example of a simple trust was shown in here somewhere from the NOLA sight) is sent to the same Fed Reserve in Chicago as the submission of the form above to again establish ones standing in relation to US Citizen (DL, bith cert, ss#)