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iamsomedude wrote
because that is where the Chicago mercantile exchange is located and Chicago is the clearing house for all debt and accounts, so would it make sense to put the account through which matters are to be setted in the same location?

but you can leave the account wherever you wish, not like whatever I say is gospel.
I find it interesting that you mention this re the CME.

I remember years ago Richard Cornforth saying that huge blocks of old accounts (utility, phone, etc.) are divvied up in some back room of the (then) Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) for sale to the debt collection industry. Then later Jean Keating said something about court judgments being bought on the financial markets and that Walmart & some Chinese gov't element were big into buying these. The CRIS (Court Registry Investment System) no doubt ties into this somehow. Sure enough, at the time I found on some Chicago federal court website's court administrator page a link to the CBOT, said link having been promptly removed after this info came out.

Yup, it's all coming together. I think this is also, as you said during a call or interview in regards to the CAFR, their side of the usufruct.