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— by Hallow Hallow
SIN is not doing the will of God and his will only. SIN is the wrong use of energy and partaking in commercial activity is a wrong use of energy but there is also far greater SIN than that.

What i am sharing, if you see it, is the path to the things you need but without the legal burdens. Absolutely government is here to serve those who serve, the primary interest taken from us assures it is so, but there is something we must do to bring it about. I put most of it here but people hang onto old concepts and bible stuff that is but is not relevant. The treasury is not the beneficiary. The bible is about the I AM in you. When Jesus said the kingdom of God is within he meant, God, the I AM, is in you. In Nehemiah the king had 3 men tossed into a furnace of great heat and yet 4 walked out unscathed. Do you have a clue what the 4th being is and why the three men were brought out? It is not likely one will get the answer to that question from the bible given certain facts were removed. Godspeed