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— by hector hector
You are correct in what you have said: but what are we faced with?

You are right... we did not choose to be born
You are right... those interests always belonged to Ceasar since we were all born NAKED
You are right... Caesar is simply an agent of God to test us

I completely agree with you... yet while in the world and yet not of this world we must work with the Bible right? And the Son tells us to render to Caesar what is his, and not to fight back and not do like the other nations do, yet, some way, and none of us truly know how, we got stuck with the government we have, and it's all about finding the way to LOVE OUR ENEMY... never easy... I know that we are all doing our best.

The Son of God also said, "My Yoke is EASY and my burden LIGHT"? I don't think he meant for us to do this ourselves... I think he meant for us to ask Him, and He will petition His Father.

There is a purpose for government and I believe is to make our burden and yoke EASY AND LIGHT.

Think about it, if we don't honor what is established on earth, neither will we honor what is established in heaven? is that fair enough?

This, what we are doing in this CANTINA is what the Father wants from us... our minds.