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False premise
— by Hallow Hallow
Regarding Romans 13:1. God did not create government and even if he did, as it is this day, and has been for decades, the basis of government authority is the will of the people and the will of the people is not also the will of God. It is stated in the New Testament "do the will of God, the Father". Now what father is going to turn his children over to a babysitter saying, govern my children according to their will?

Then there is the interests taken at birth. That can be somewhat misleading in that it causes or may cause one to go after something that is not there, or take an incorrect approach. I.E. Claim what he thinks was taken in the stead of see the net effect of the taking and claim that as his interest. The interest is in something but not what was taken at birth (plural). What was taken at birth. plural, establishes an interest in ??.

Prayer for relief is not going to get one relief (except maybe praying to God which is not relevant here). Nor will a claim for what one thinks was taken at birth. Claim an interest in ?? that benefits from the taking will.

Mark 12:43, 44 gives a clue but it is not the treasury that is the ultimate beneficiary.

There are owners of property, those with an interest in property, and thieves; choose wisely. Understand what was taken (plural), to whom it belongs, the reason for the taking, and work with it. Selfish based perspectives will not net relief.