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Your Enemy THE STATE is your REMEDY!
— by hector hector
Your Enemy is you REMEDY!

Remember the scene in the MATRIX (first movie) when the three AGENTS were together (while attempting to hack into Morpheus) that one of the agents said… “There could be a problem”… “the insider has failed” (Cipher killed by Tank in the Nebuchadnezzar)… and the SMITH (the main character) said something that has bothered me ever since? He said, “NEVER SEND A HUMAN TO DO A MACHINE’S JOB.”
Now, what do you think he meant by that?
Smith is the STATE! (of New Jersey, of California, of Texas, etc.) Now, the STATE has just given you a hint how to go about doing things, and that is simply my opinion.
The Machines are the ATTORNEYS! Folks, we don’t have the same training that Attorneys do… we are here doing the best we can… these guys are EXPERTS WITH LANGUAGE. So, if humans are not to go into courts, and only MACHINES are to do that work… then how do we hire a Lawyer, and in the mean time, preserve our rights as living, breathing and sentient men/women?
What about if you, for the sake of this session I will call it “HIRE.” Have you ever considered that we can hire, and indeed we have available, LAWYERS that must work for men/women from the REPUBLIC SIDE?
Of course, hiring an attorney from the DEMOCRACY is a no-no! But just think, what attorneys are available that must EXPATRIATE their U.S. CITIZENSHIP in order they have access to both sides of the account? Yes, to both the REPUBLIC and the DEMOCRACY? And, they “work” for the President who can also see into both sides of the ACCOUNT?
1. U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
2. U.S. Secretary of State
3. U.S. Attorney General
These are the three (3) POWER LINES that transfer energy from the Matrix/Fields all the way to the MACHINE CITY and the MACHINE KING.
I don’t mind being considered perhaps naïve, and it’s okay, I just wanna help. But, think about it… we were taught to think DEMOCRACY ONLY, and that was our programming. All attorneys in every single “STATE OF…” work strictly for the DEMOCRACY… BUT THESE THREE DON’T?
Okay, the Democracy is USUFRUCTUARY/BENEFICIARY/ADMINISTRATOR of the Republic… which means, that the REPUBLIC is a totally different jurisdiction than the DEMOCRACY, RIGHT? So, the REPUBLIC is the BANK the Democracy is supposed to withdraw from to “PAY THE BILLS?” Well then, that private REPUBLIC BANK needs a Treasurer, a Secretary of State, and, an Attorney General, right?
Well, I sincerely believe we have our answer of how to “LAWYER UP” while maintaining our status of “THE LIVING.”
The Following is from “freeman217” (I hope I got that right) from his “YouTube” page which I copied into my notes… letter for letter:

INTERNAL LETTER FROM WAYNE STUMP, ARIZONA SENATOR, December 10, 1985 to Director Milstead:
Dear Director Milstead:
It has come to my attention that numerous individuals in our state have rescinded all of their contracts with the United States federal government, the state of Arizona and each of its political subdivisions, establishing  themselves as freemen under the organic national Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America.
Consequently, they may be driving without auto registration, driver’s license, or any other evidence of contract.
Because many law enforcement personnel may be unaware of the contractual nature of auto registration and driver’s licenses, it is conceivable that this situation may lead to confrontation between these individuals and law enforcement personnel.
I urge you to inform yourself and your personnel about this matter as soon as possible. If you would like to be briefed by someone knowledgeable on this subject, please contact me.
In the meantime, inasmuch as this procedure is entirely appropriate when properly carried out, I would like to be personally notified of every such instance of confrontation in order that the persons involved and the police officials involved may be apprised of the correct procedure and the appropriateness of their actions on the part of each concerned.
My office phone is 255-5261 and I am requesting to be notified of the names and incidents along with addresses and phone numbers of participants of any such confrontation arising from the exercise of a person’s freeman status in order to evaluate the outcome of properly rescinded contracts.

That’s the end of the letter from Wayne Stump!

It now makes sense why the TREASURY waited until the Driver’s license expired before formally accepting the surrendered SOCIAL SECURITY CARD that I previously wrote about IN A POST… think about it brothers and sisters?