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Corporate Sole 508 Exclusion
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From the July 20th Call, I know you went over this several times, but in the process you would respond to something in the chat, and go off a bit, I transcribed the entire call, and then estrapolated the notes from the chat and still seem very confused at the entites for the three EIN #'s

1st - 98 Series (foreign) is for the "First-Middle, House of Last" which is to generate a foreign trustee from.

2nd - 98 Series (foreign) is for First Middle Last, with the "House of Last" as the responsible party.

3rd - 3x Series number (?Domestic?) for the FIRST MIDDLE LAST for the 508 exclusion,  in the call you said making it foreign to the US and used to interface with the public.

I know you were asked several times on the call and in the chat, but still from compiling the transcripts and the chat together, I and I am sure others still aren't quiet clear, and I realize its only guidance, but at the same time it just isn't clear which is for what and what number.

Thanks in advance for any clarification you can provide.

BTW, there is a great book "Beyond Bureaucratic Boundaries" Understanding the Freedoms of Corporation Sold, about 38 pages, very detailed in understanding and operating a corp sole.  Can't find link on internet but I still have it if interested.