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Jurisdiction and the Supreme Court
— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
From someone on Skype:

Check this out.

from someone in my group.

"A member of our local group has a case in Ohio. He physically went to the Clerk's office at the Ohio Supreme Court. One of the clerks told him of one of the best kept secrets. Anyone in any state can appeal any order, judgment and or case directly from the lower court (county level) to the Supreme Court of the state. He has done it. Now, several here in North Carolina have done it as well.

"Addition to S.Sup.Ct. story:  That court is a true court of equity and or constitutional court. So, invoke rules of equity and in-camera hearing with sealed record."Attorneys must go through the Court of Appeals. But a live man can go direct to state S.Ct..  In NC there is no filing fee or other fees for the live man who appeals to S.Ct.. WOW !!  Our group has done this already. That is my thoughts on bypassing the rubber-stamped kangaroo court."  

our contact at the Ohio supreme court clerk's office says that the supreme court is just waiting for the people to wake up to this remedy.

~ Boris

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