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initial AFV/RFV goes to the one making the claim. The EIN (Corporation) is a "tax collector" and the "offer" is a "tax collection." ALL EIN are "treasury agents" for they collect taxes on behalf of the Treasury and operate in the Public. The AFV/RFV using the Social as an EIN itself renders the WHOLE transaction subject to PUBLIC POLICY or the "public insurance policy" (ie: I will forgive the State for the ongoing sequestering of public monies and title, and you will forgive me for any presumed debt I owe)

The problem people are having with the "non-acceptance" is how to deal with the "problem" ... Here, we deal with it via the Second CR(tm) Letter ... this letter Accepts the Dishonor of the AFV instrument (Deferred Income Tax Asset) and serves as the "security" for the Surety Letter that is eventually sent to the ATF (Treasury) replacing one surety (ALL CAP NAME) for another (EIN in Dishonor) for the "solicitation" into "prostitution," which can actually be reworded to read "Human and Child Trafficking" for the FAILURE to honor the AFV/RFV results in one being FORCED into Servitude to a PRIVATE-BANKING-CARTEL and the NAME will ALWAYS remain a child for national security reasons, thus one would then be subjected to USURY and thus be forced to live in sin.

And yes there is a way, it is called Turnabout and it is ALWAYS fair play.

The failure to provide proof of claim the AFV/RFV instrument is INSUFFICIENT is the admission that any further attempt to collect is a FALSE CLAIM ... and in accordance with the False Claim Act of 1863, the one of whom KNOWING presents a false claim to a governmental contractor is now indebted to the United States for $5-10K + 3 times the damages the Government incurs ... so, if these guys are NOT going to take the INTEREST (AFV/RFV instrument) to the Treasury, they are WITHHOLDING property and interest belonging to the united States while are the same time pursuing a FALSE bounty contract; the one in dishonor is the one engaged in "insurrection and rebellion" and ALL claims they have are now invalid and illegal.

And just by writing this, I have a notion that one may use the bid bond, performance bond, and payment bond to FORCE the issue and maybe even "liquidate the claim on behalf of the United States" within the Federal Court, but I am not to familiar with those. Maybe others who have more experience can chime in on this aspect.
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