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Tender/discharge question
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I have friends dealing with foreclosure issue and HOA issue. They did an A4V and sent it to U.S. Treasury instead of claimant, which in a way makes sense if one is endorsing, pay to the order of United States Treasury since they should receive it no different then if one endorses a check over to Mary Smith, Mary Smith should receive. That said, claimant continues to proceed with claim and court appears happy to assist. Notice of tender was provided to court to no avail. I suggested friend contact the Treasury to see what happened with the tender. Maybe it was settled without providing any notice, maybe not. Question is, should the A4V have been sent to the claimant or to Treasury? </b

It has become quite clear to me in light of Trumps recent Executive Order and his stated authority to do so, along with Proclamations 2039, 2040 and public law 94-412 there is no doubt all is military and being and seeking civilian due process is spot on. Military/government has all the obligation as everything is held in abeyance. It's kinda like the monopoly game where you start with x amount of script however in this real game you can never go bankrupt or run out of script. Perhaps just time to support what were doing with the evidence (EO's, Proclamations 2039, 2040 and public law 94-412). That said there must be some rule or law that allows lawyers, judges, courts to do what they do without being arrested for treason, unless they can just until some-one comes in with the truth and repentance.