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the problem with the county to which Donna refers is a huge problem. The Clerks all have this sign that reads that the Clerks can not give legal advice or make legal determinations, yet they seem to ALWAYS find some reason to NOT file what we submit; It matters not the document.

We can get things OK'd by the Clerk himself and yet STILL these assistant clerks will send stuff to the County Attorney for approval and when we ask for the authority; "we are not going to argue with you." is the response. Now, we can take this to another county and most of the times what we need to file get filed, but why should the people be complacent with this?

I understand her frustrations, because those are mine as well, and others; we all live in the same county. This is the WHY of where part of this whole process comes from; forcing the Clerks to just do their job and record what we give them without them reading it like we need their approval.

Now, I suggest if one runs into this issue to do a FOIA demanding production of both the Statute and the Constitutional Authority granting the County Attorney to power to review documents submitted for filing and if they balk or otherwise refuse, dump the FOIA into the Supreme Court under a Writ of Quo Warranto and ALSO demand they produce ALL other necessary documentation; FARA registration, Oath of Office, Public Servant Bond, Loyalty and Security Clearance, Delegation of Authoirty, etc ...

This is the Writ of Quo Warranto sent to me from buddy in Montana; has been used in 10 or so states without problem.

Quo Warranto - Public Administrative Notice and Demand

~ Boris

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