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— by Jo King Jo King
I implore you dear poster[Donna] to settle down and reconsider your last few postings.   You were given  a simple solution to the problem and you appeared to agree.  

IMHO  recording such a document in the county won't amount to a hill of beans.  No one there cares about your assignment.  What I and others have done is send a document similar to what you describe directly to the U S Treasury by registered mail  RRR and then file that into a misc case jacket in the USDC along with the reg mail receipts.  Now the party that needs to know is properly served.  Then if you want to proceed to record in county there should be no problems.

and another thing,  when are people going to learn that you're never going to get proof of anything the county tells you unless you do it in writing.  A simple letter to the clerk that just told you he saw nothing wrong with the document will file it or you will get an answer in writing. If its not a satisfactory answer then you may write back with your statues, codes, rules, and regulations supporting your reasons why it should be filed.  Yea,  I know,  that's pain in the ass, having to actually write something down on paper when its so much more soap opera going there in person.   It appears some people thrive on that kind of drama cause I hear it all the time.  The county said this and the county said that,  oh yea...where 's your proof?
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