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— by liberated liberated
As Boris points out we are called to be the architect of the future not its victims. That said...:
Boris, would you kindly set this guy Liberated straight, please. That a simple deed
in our county will not do the trick?

Liberated, this Notice is to perfect a gift to the United States, as equity will not
perfect an imperfect gift. I see it as the county being in insurrection and rebellion
TO the United States. It is the county that is warring with the United States, in
obstructing Notice of Acceptance and Acknowledgment to perfect the gift, not me"

You don't need to seek Boris to set me straight. A deed, whether simple or not is something the Clerk MUST record pursuant to the statute you cited, A deed does do what you are implying you want to do. Gift to United States, thus perfecting the imperfect gift. If the clerk chooses not to then record your deed then you have a cause to have them corrected. After all the State AG has already gave her two cents so probably someone that can spank the Clerk if the refuse.  Just prepare the instrument with Deed on the top and similar to what they might be used to seeing. Who is the Clerk to make a legal determination that your deed is not a deed? Impossible. Not to say they might not scrutinize you if they already have some judgment about you. Only they know.

As for showing up, once upon a time when I was locked into certain beliefs, kinda like what you believe, that the courts, clerk et all are evil, warring against the peace, out to do us in, take our shit. I had certain mentors ask me why they don't encounter or see what I see and of course in my need to be right I stated because they were blind or naive. They were calm and cool and asked "is it possible that if you change the way your view your world your world might change?" It was a profound question as in two weeks I struggled with that question since our beliefs generally are our identity and to shift is as though one is killing themselves, which in a way is similar to being reborn or civil death. So the, how is one showing up is how do we see those that we interact with? If we see them as an adversary then expect war. If we see them as doing the right thing then it will happen and sometimes we get to enroll them into our vision. My comment was not to degrade or insult and rather to merely examine the mindset since we do manifest our experiences. I take the position if I'm not getting the result I'm seeking then I get to see what is it that I am doing off the mark, what is my perception, how am I am showing up. What could be done better, what worked what didn't. Not blaming anyone but looking instead to self as we are the architect creator of our reality.

I get that Pinellas County can be whacked seeing that they do sting operations on all kinds of shit other counties don't bother with. It's might be how they generate the shit they think they need to do to generate "money". Doesn't change we can show up in a way to get shit handled without laying down or being swatted like a fly.

as for your name calling thank you for caring enough about me to provide that feedback. Oh and I think if the intent of this forum is to have us be Christlike then Peacemaker is part of the process unless being a belligerent is better then Peace(maker). Matthew 5:9
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

and further 1 USC § 2
The word “county” includes a parish, or any other equivalent subdivision of a State or Territory of the United States.  which then negate that the county could not be committing insurrection against itself (United States).

also if the Clerk is Ken Burke I have a friend that knows him personally and has filed all kinds of shit in the record and perhaps she might be able to assist although following what Jo King suggested or Boris suggested may work for you since the possibility of a deed doesn't resonate in your reality or possible manifestation or warring with the clerk for authority since it appears the clerk and the AG has provided that info. The alternative is to say fuck you I don't believe you have any authority since you're all just fictions or whatever other one wants to insert.