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Re: Malfeasance--Time to start holding them accountable
— by Donna Donna

Boris, would you kindly set this guy Liberated straight, please. That a simple deed
in our county will not do the trick?

Liberated, this Notice is to perfect a gift to the United States, as equity will not
perfect an imperfect gift. I see it as the county being in insurrection and rebellion
TO the United States. It is the county that is warring with the United States, in
obstructing Notice of Acceptance and Acknowledgment to perfect the gift, not me.

If your idea of peacekeeping is being swatted down like a fly while allowing the
counties and states to commit insurrection and rebellion to the United States,
that is your choice and your choice alone. Peacekeeping is not defined as being a
cowering dog or running to another county. This county is being paid with Public Funds
to fulfill Public duties and obligations, and it is not. It has morphed into private BAR
business with no constitutional or statutory authorization to do so. I don't see what
is so difficult about this that makes it so difficult for you to comprehend this. This has
become such a bad situation in so many counties that many people simply go to Lamar
County to record. The problem with that is, if it's not recorded in your county, they
can obviously and plausibly claim they didn't SEE the Notice.

My definition of peacekeeping is to not allow one side to WAR with another, and/or
to intervene to stop one side from going astray. If people used your definition of peace-
keeping, we'd probably all be dead by now.  


With all due respect, I've yet to see anything of any use from any of your posts. I am
not looking for a cowards way out, I'm looking to do something USEFUL, PRODUCTIVE
AND OF SUBSTANCE. Not to simply run away like a coward under the ridiculous guise and
improper definition of being a "peacemaker."

I better stop right here because I get very upset at cowardice.