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"Remember, NAME is a cestui que trust, thus the use of the NAME in ANY capacity to identify one, just identified the RIGHTFUL owner/heir of the Estate held in Trust, by operation of the cestui que LAW. "  f I'm comprehending what you've stated here is that, if in court if one acknowledges the NAME or consenting to being identified by/as the NAME, one is showing up as the RIGHTFUL owner? If this be the case, when asked at time of appearance....Yes your honor if by my appearance by the NAME I am acknowledged as the RIGHTFUL owner of the estate, then yes I am here, which then begs the question why are you all trying to administer the estate? That said. i ask that the prosecutor verify my right to subrogation so set off can occur and then we can enjoy some tea and crumpets?  Or do the A4V, whatever one feels comfortable with now that ownership of the estate has been revealed.