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This was sent to me via email and arrived on Christmas .... How appropriate.

I love your stuff and follow regularly.  I have come to believe this is all about conversion.  Please take a look at the attachment which follows the logic if you don't convert them, then they will convert you.  Bless be the Lord.  Once they recognize the living man then they cannot proceed against the fiction, because they have the duty to protect life. (emphasis added)

[the Present that was attached; presented for all]

Writ and notice of claim to the judge and prosecutor:

Now comes the adult man and claim the name and estate (name goes here). Does this court recognize the claim in esse of (name) and his living estate choate under penalty of perjury?

Once this brief claim is completed on the record, I may proceed in these matters before the court today. Until this action is accomplished I stand mute. Hand to the bailiff and he serves the judge and prosecutor. Now you have just put your claim in the court on top of theirs and they must deal with it before proceeding with their private claim of the Crown at Temple Bar.

This defeats the cesti que vie trust and parens patrie. The court you are summonsed to is a private court and the plaintiff is representing the crown; a fiction. If you do not require them to convert themselves then they convert you. Blessed be the Lord.


Perfected, complete, or certain. A choate right is an undefeatable right that is totally valid and cannot be subsequently lessened or altered by later claims. If someone purchases a plot of land totally free from encumbrances, that person has a choate property interest in the land.

A choate lien is one to which nothing further must be done to make it enforceable. Elements such as the identity of the lienor and the property that is subject to the lien are established; thus, the lien is certain and definite.

Inchoate, the opposite of choate, is the more commonly used phrase. It means unfinished or incomplete and is used to describe a number of things such as liens, rights, crimes, or interests. For example the term inchoate Battery can be used to describe an assault.

This now UNTIES the man and estate: usufruct with naked ownership thus CONSOLIDATION occurs and ALL DEBT DISAPPEARS because that is the OPERATION OF PEACE and REVESTS the estate within the man; the operation of Cestui Que LAW ... furthermore, it defeats the attempt to control it like a child (parens patrie), for now there must be a rebuttal one not an adult under penalty of perjury, which also ELIMINATES the ability to be referred to as a PERSON because all definitions of PERSON fail to INCLUDE "adult" (inclusion of one is exclusion of another)...

and provides the TRUE explanation of the Mortgage Discharged PDF on the Main Menu Page: buddy filed it naming the Hospital and NAME as debtors and the Lower case as Secured Party. When the Lawyers found this in the county record, they summonsed the Hospital thru the Sec of State. Thus the record of the Hospital shows an EVENT of someone being born; the filing of the UCC shows that one associated with the record is STILL alive and since the EVENT occurred more than 25 years ago, there is no PERSON for there is no child and no authorization to administrate

 Now, you have that "mythical control" everyone keeps talking about; if you wish to transfer interests, you are free to do so because "the right must first accrue."

~ Boris

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