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Re: JUSTINIAN-DECEPTION: The Mother of all Deceptions
— by Donna Donna
Yeahhhhh...that whole thing over a judge allegedly telling him the only thing in the way of getting custody of his son was a math problem, just doesn't fly with me.

Another thing is, he is said to have an 8,000 year old book that is 4 feet by 5 feet or some incredible number, yet I've never heard anyone say they have seen this biggie sized book. I've never seen anyone claim they've seen photos of this 8,000 year old book. Yes, it would be cool if it were true, but where is the substantive evidence that it exists? Has anybody ever actually seen this book?

I noticed that syn/tax years ago, that flew just about as well with me as when I was sitting with Sam in Las Vegas and whispered in Jerry's ear that The Restore America Plan abbreviated, spelled T.R.A.P.

What is easier, usufruct or syn/tax?

Boris' methodology has personally unblocked federal block grants for me. I'll stick with what works.  :)