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fine synopsis there Jo King ...

I once talked with a guy who went in and financed a car. Right above the signature line, he wrote:
"all offers accepted for honor pursuant to 40 Stat 411. all rights unalienable, without recourse"

Well, a few months go by and he makes no payments. He receives a call from the finance company asking for the payment. Dude tells them to go look at the contract and if you have any questions, please seek competent legal counsel.

Some time later, he receives a call form the company's attorney. The attorney asks him about what 40 Stat 411 was all about; dude told him that he can't give him legal advice and if he has any questions to go read about it and seek competent legal counsel if he had any further questions.

Dude received a call some 15 minutes later: "you will have your title in 60 days"

I was told of, but have not talked with, another who went into closing and turned all the documents over and wrote:

Pay to the order of United States. Without recourse.

and then never paid a mortgage payment. About 6 months later, he receives a check from the Treasury in the amount of the note.

Take these examples as you wish, but the Stamps just help overcome the Commissioner's Decision regarding the use of Non-stamped-when-required Documents for enforcement in Court and to make documents negotiable from and to AND enforceable within the PROPER jurisdiction, however, It appears that the ASSIGNMENT to the Treasury is what is REALLY important.

And by signing the documents, you are the executor of such, therefore, have the duty to see the instrument issued remains uncorrupted.

~ Boris

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