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First off, judgments are useless if one has no assets nor income, so not much can come of those judgments in the short term which gives you time to digest what is on this forum. It's alot of info and foundation material too. You get to choose which one "process" you are going to own and put into action. I'm no expert but I will say that all that Boris has provided is ones best approach to getting stuff straight. Not that there have been many successes however the CR(tm) has not been in play for very long and when one own what they are doing one can get stuff settled,  imho. That said when people hit a stumbling block Boris has been there to give input with no hold back.Read the turnabout docs, Which are only for A COURT SITUATION, which appears most of your stuff is post court seeing there are judgments. Read the CR(tm) process a few times. Organize the various judgments into separate folders so you can stay on track once initiated into action.  We, for the most part have questions, don't want to screw up shit anymore and may of the posts that have already been posted will assist you as we have all been at the starting line. Don't be afraid to ask questions.