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Multiple Judgments & just got served again.
— by Christopher-Michael Christopher-Michael
Good morning everyone,

   I've been studying different processes for about 6-8 months now and came across this process about 2 months ago.  I am a real estate investor and had 7 projects going on at once.  Unfortunately they all lost money and now my investors are suing me.  I live in NY so of course everyones sue happy.  Anyway, I have about 6 judgments in my name and business name as well as a new one I just received today.  And on top of it all and because of all this, last month I worked out a deal w/ my landlord to stay in my apartment until July, end of school year.  He did file a case against me in court.  I really hit my tipping point today and as much as I have learned, I am not sure how to put it together in a usable process to get this taken care of so I can move on and live life as God intended.  Thank you for anyone's help.  Have a fantastic and blessed day!