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I received a "Notice of non-acceptance for filing" today from land court. They said " plaintiff has filed this action pursuant to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act seeking a judgement that you are not entitled to the benefits of the Act. Your submission does not include any claim that you are in the military service or otherwise entitled to the benefits of the Act. Only those defendants who are entitled to the benefits of the Act, or those acting on their behalf, are entitled to appear or be heard in a servicemember proceeding under the Act. Thus, your submission has not been accepted for filing and will not be docketed or presented to the court, and will not constitute an appearance by you in this case".

They sent this letter along with the $1.00 pmo back, cc'd the attorney ,but did not send the Cr(tm) letters back.

I am acting on behalf of the defendant as a third party of interest. Now, I afv/rfv this non-acceptance letter and send it. In the mean time, I have to get my PO Box set up from a friend .