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Re: To those still persevering till the end
— by Howie Howie

Be careful not to chase after windmills.

There are no outside enemies, there is only a construct that if one resists it gives something to resist against. But, if one flows, it allows the free flowing to happen.

The battle is within. The 'system' is perfect.

The system is both heaven (Equity) and hell (rule of Law) running concurrently into time.

The only decisions you have in or about the world are- Do I continue to lie down and drown in a teaspoon of water? Or, do I stand up, and if I do, where do I stand in relation to the construct?

Saying that, here is the word of my testimony fueled by the blood of the Lamb, with no love of my (civil) life that leads to death- I will go make it a great day, everyday.

Now, I look forward to hearing the word of your testimony.