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— by iamsomedude iamsomedude
This part of the discussion has to stop, you all are wasting WAAY too much energy on this ... so here goes:

For the following DOCUMENTS and multiple pages = ONE document; And when it is stated "stamp it up," this is to what I am referring:

Any CR(tm) letter
FULL Turnabout Filing and ANY other Court Filing
The Bill of Exchange for Surety "process"
Any Certificate of Indebtedness
Any COPY of the Final CR(tm) "Contract" sent out
OF 90

3 cent on the bottom right of each DOCUMENT: front and back CANCEL THIS STAMP as shown within DIED for our Sins PDF and Turnabout Docs. (Transforms instrument into a NEGOTIABLE INSRUMENT)

1 international stamp or fox stamp (if you have one) on the FRONT top ight corner of each DOCUMENT ... LEAVE THIS STAMP ALONE (BONDS instrument for NEGOTIATION within the COMPETENT jurisdiction: pure equity)

for ANY Certificate of Mailing: 2 Butterfly Stamps (post master as witness to the mailing upon cancellation)

If it ain't on that list, it don't get a stamp, that simple. Now, before someone asks about "utility bill coupons" and shit like that, it works like ANY AFV/RFV because there is no difference between a Court Case and a Utility Bill Coupon.

And do not sit there and tell me you looked everywhere, while I may not have put one up of the AFV/RFV, I KNOW I gave an example that should have served as a guide and your critical thinking should have taken over, because I also know this has been discussed elsewhere.

Why are you making this so complicated?

~ Boris

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