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I was going to put this over on the "Simplistic Nature" thread, but then i realized that this requires its own thread, but I do think it would help if you all read that thread first.

When one does the AFV/RFV, one is actually tendering an ASSET: deferred income tax asset, in exchange for the ONGOING SEQUESTRATION of the Public Monies AND due to the nature of the ONGOING duties of the Usufructuary of which are: 1. To take good care of the things subject to the usufruct. 2. To pay all taxes, and claims which arise while the thing is in his possession, as a ground-rent and 3. To keep the thing in repair at his own expense.

AFV/RFV is a "security" issued against future performance: the return of the public monies, and until then all one has is "income that may accrue" OR "deferred income tax asset" because the SEQUESTERING of the public monies for MILITARY NECESSITY means ALL obligations; ALL income taxes; ANY tax that arises is ALREADY PAID by the people thus now the people can TENDER this "deferred income tax asset" to offset any "obligation" presented to one thru a FICTION as ALL fictions service the interests of the Republic.

(side note: the Declaration created a trust within the Sphere of the Law of Nations and ALL Nations are bound to protect, defend, and serve; thus ALL FICTIONS are BOUND BY LAW to protect, defend, and serve the Declaration Trust, the united States of America, AND all the "Kings unto themselves": the WHOLE of the Republic)

Therefore, when a FICTION, and/or agent thereof, REFUSES the AFV/RFV or discounts the same a "frivolous" and then an attorney brings the claim before the court, that action is actually A FALSE FLAG OPERATION: KNOWINGLY bringing a FALSE CLAIM against and/or PRESENTING one to a GOVERNMENTAL CONTRACTOR for payment against a GOVERNMENTAL CONTRACT in a COURT in violation of the False Claims Act on March 2, 1863, 12 Stat. 696 BECAUSE the CR(tm) "process" VALIDATES and CONFIRMS the peace and the one who initiated just went to war while holding the keys to his salvation (ie: REMEDY) in his hand: the AFV/RFV, thru which that one can obtain either A) a tax credit towards income tax OR B) a tax refund: woe unto ye lawyers for ye hold the keys, but never enter. Thus one REJECTS Christ; rejects the spirit of love and forgiveness.

"I forgive you of the debt of having to return the public monies so I can perform as requested and in exchange you will forgive me of the debt you think I owe" ... this is the how the AFV/RFV should be operating and when one rejects such, one actually rejecting Christ and thus engaged in an act of insurrection and rebellion and since one may not profit from one's own wrong, the one who initiated the case (or continues it), then becomes SURETY for their own claim for they REJECTED Christ as Surety (ie" dishonored the AFV/RFV "asset"); rejected PEACE in favor of WAR.

And since a FICTION can do absolutely SQUAT without a living soul operating it, the moment the action hits the Court, the fiction disappears and the Attorney bringing the claim is on the hook, by way of subrogation and LICENSE, because once "life, liberty, and/or property" were placed in Jeopardy, the fiction disappears by OPERATION OF LAW, EXCEPT for its BENEFICIAL PURPOSE: to transfer acquired interests to the Treasury for the Security of the Nation and thus the PERSON, and the Attorney bringing the claim now has FULL personal liability or SURETY, unless that Attorney can prove up the claim that the AFV/RFV Tender was insufficient to settle whatever debt obligation was presented to the GOVERNMENTAL CONTRACTOR for that Attorney is acting ONLY as a "Qualified Heir" to account for and administrate the FICTIONS servicing the Republic, and now has two options: A) tender bond in lieu of personal surety (ie: bring the court a belligerent for a BOUNTY BOND to WARRANT the ACTION) or B) fuct.

So, here are the documents (COCKUMENTS ... ) we put together to transfer the DE-FACTO surety while are the same time using the DISHONOR of the TENDER to underwrite the Supersedes Bond required by operation of law once the matter hits Court.

First Document: Certificate of Indebtedness

I really like how this document turned out. The CR(tm) "process" validates and confirms the peace; the action by the other party DISHONORS that agreement and in doing so, violates the False Claims Act on March 2, 1863, 12 Stat. 696 thus the one bringing the FALSE CLAIM is now indebted to the United States "in the amount not less than $5,000 and not more than $10,000, as adjusted by the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 1990 (28 U.S.C. 2461 note; Public Law 104–410), plus 3 times the amount of damages which the Government sustains because of the act" (ie: bearing of false witness against your neighbor thus violating the whole of the law for if the whole of the law is fulfilled if you love thy neighbor, then the whole of the law is violated if one does otherwise).

Thus we can now use this Certificate of Indebtedness to UNDERWRITE the surety of the case; thus making the one who brings the claim surety of the FALSE CLAIM of which there are NO subrogation rights for one may not profit from their own wrong and because the AFV/RFV was done in service to the United States, our PERSON and its CARGO stands "exempt from arrest and seizure"  pursuant to  46 USC § 30908 for "no person shall be held liable in any court when relying on this statute (40 stat 411, 12 USC 95a (2))".

NO Subrogation rights because the act of initiating the FALSE CLAIM is an Act of War against the United States and a VIOLATION of the "License to Practice Law," thus BONDING the one in dishonor to the SERVICE of the FALSE CLAIM as usufructuary of the Treasury and the Certificate of Indebtedness serves as the SECURITY ISSUED by the usufructuary. (ie: incurs the WRATH of LORD of Hosts)

To use this document all you need do is put the Debtor's Name (one per certificate) and a summary of the CR(tm) "process;" the one that is on there now, is using the CR(tm) letters I posted on the "CR(tm) Process" thread.

Then make a copy; stamp up the copy as usual and file into the County (if possible): The ORIGINAL will also be stamped up, but ONLY for use with the Bill of Exchange. Pull out Certified Copy(ies) and this will become part-and-parcel of the CR(tm) "contract' you create.

(12/21/2017: EDIT)

We have tried multiple counties here to file the Certificate without success. So, if you can not get the Certificate Filed, do not worry, send it off to the ATF as per written. Just make one unsigned copy for the supreme court.

My thinking: As the Release of Surety becomes part-and-parcel of the CR(tm) "contract" created, when submitted to the supreme court of the State then, without any rebuttal by the Named Debtor, the Court is obligated to SIGN and ASSESS the instrument which would then RATIFY the ADOPTION of the CR(tm) "contract" by the State for ENFORCEMENT of the instrument of which would also ACKNOWLEDGE delivery of the ANY interest so acquired, which would be another WHY the supreme court is given notice of its PEACEKEEPING role under the United Nations.

Second Document: Surety Notice of Relief from Liability

This RELEASES the DE-FACTO surety acquired from the initial AFV/RFV to the ATF while at the same time informing them a new Supersedes Bond is tendered: the Bill of Exchange + Certificate(s) of Indebtedness.

Why the ATF?

Well, since the CR(tm) "process" has CONFIRMED the peace, the one initiating the case in Court is now engaged in Barratry: trade in the sale of church or state appointments, or PROSTITUTION; making the Case itself a SOLICITATION for the "attorney" is just a SOLICITOR; thus we have "SOLICITATION OF PROSTITUTION" of which is defined under 27 CFR 72.11 as a COMMERCIAL CRIME: Any of the following types of crimes (Federal or State): Offenses against the revenue laws; burglary; counterfeiting; forgery; kidnapping; larceny; robbery; illegal sale or possession of deadly weapons; prostitution (including soliciting, procuring, pandering, white slaving, keeping house of ill fame, and like offenses); extortion; swindling and confidence games; and attempting to commit, conspiring to commit, or compounding any of the foregoing crimes. Addiction to narcotic drugs and use of marihuana will be treated as if such were commercial crime, AND 27 CFR is where ATF is granted its jurisdiction and where the IRS obtains its authority;

Hell, you can use the ENTIRE damn definition because when the FALSE CLAIM hits the Court, the one bringing claim is attempting to engage in ROBBERY and LARCENY thru an Act of Involuntary Servitude (ie: US v Kominski) by way of COUNTERFEITING a DEBT OBLIGATION (ie: security of the United States), of which the United States has a DUTY to prevent (read Hamdan brief), by presenting the same to a GOVERNMENTAL CONTRACTOR (NAME + SSN_IN_EIN_FORMAT) for payment thru a GOVERNMENTAL CONTRACT (SSN) in an open court, thus attempting to turn the court into a HOUSE OF ILL FAME and the Judge into its KEEPER and done while the NAME VESSEL is engaged in service to the United States making it and its cargo EXEMPT from arrest and seizure.

Thus the DELIVERY of the Notice and the BOE effectively transfers the "ANY interest" acquired from the initial AFV/RFV to the Treasury because that IS the interest acquired: SIN (ie: solicitation of prostitution or enticement to fornicate and drink with the whore of Babylon: an offer to become like Lot's wife)

(side note: a friend has a buddy that went to a CID meeting. He brought with him a Notary. The CID asked him who that was an he told them: "This is a travelling notary. I brought him with me because there may be some affidavits in need of signature and I also brought a fingerprinting kit and some DNA collection kits because I need to makes sure who everyone is because I believe you all are engaging in treason because your authority is under Title 27 and I need to ascertain your constitutional authority or have you sign affidavits stating you have as such" ... Everyone got up and stormed out within two minutes.)

Third Document: Bill of Exchange

This is the BOE derived from 12 USC § 342, only difference is that we are not using the "decedent Federal Reserve Bank" (SSN) to underwrite the BOE, we are using the Certificate(s) of Indebtedness to underwrite.

To use this document, just stamp it up like we normally do and then BIND the Certificate(s) of Indebtedness to the BOE and make sure you stamp those up accordingly and endorse on the BACK SIDE ONLY; with the LAST ACCEPTANCE from the Updated Acceptance Language, of the BOE and any Cerifiicates It would help if you kept an ORIGINAL of the Second CR(tm) Letter to bind with the BOE, but it is not necessary; but if you did, also stamp, endorse, and bind that Letter to the BOE as well: put it right behind the BOE but in front of the Certificates.

Fourth Document: OF 90

This is just a personal property release from surety form.
It acts like an order given to a judge to sign.


When you have all the docs completed and ready: stamp, endorse, and send ALL ORIGINALS and a copy of the CR(tm) "contract"  to the ATF using the Address provided within the Surety Notice; keep copies for yourself as this completes the CR(tm) "process" for the Turnabout Annex B.  

(reminder: stamp and endorse the CR(tm) "contract" as well AND Stamp but DO NOT endorse nor sign the OF 90)

~ Boris

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