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This is from another buddy, he got a call at 8 AM:

"Got my call at 8am ... guy was trying to prod me for info - "background" refer to me as appropriate person "why did I file" ... I said "someone told me it's a good idea to file." He asked me if I have an issue with the IRS that I filed? I said no as I said in the filing, I have received no notice of deficiency or determination ... he said well ... Then there is nothing to litigate. We can only litigate a notice of deficiency/determination - kept trying to get me to say something (like well I have a lien or something). I said "well, gee, what happens in this file now?" After all that he finally says "well, I am going to file a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction. Do you have any objection?" I said no. He asked if I had any other questions or if he can help me any further to call him ... hmmmmm."

"Told you the whole story so u can tell others to expect the call and what to say because they try to trap u into talking about an issue ... kinda weird."

~ Boris

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