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— by Rschallmo Rschallmo
I called Land Court today and I found out that this case doesn't go in front of a judge. The asst. clerk magistrate is the one who handles these cases. He is the one I spoke with the other day and he told me that the CR paperwork will not be looked at and that I have to take it to Superior Court for any other issues besides the servicemember act.

I am going to address him with the letter " I do not understand these proceedings and do not consent to proceed until I am properly represented and I demand my civil due process. " I am also going to send him copies of what I already sent him,  the CR process that I sent to Wilmington savings and the attorney.

I know you talked about the clerk not filing your paper work on one of your talk-shoe turnabout audios. Would it apply to him even though he said he doesn't have to look at it or file it ?