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— by Dlightmbs Dlightmbs
Can you expand on how one could convey this (article 43 of lieber code) to an agent of the US?

Aren't state judges supposed to be agents of the US? And the clerks of court?

I've already surrendered my bc to us sec of treasury last year, but I must be missing something.  (Or mixing concepts, I'm not sure.)

I have an ein for my foreign estate (I was born overseas) and the bc trust is with the US, so I am now literally a POW being held by a state.

They didn't dismiss the case with presenting copies of the bcs. And I'm not sure if the judges followed  directions on the appointment forms, because I'm still on house arrest. I'm just looking for some better, more concrete answers to settle this mess and live according to God's will.

Any suggestions?