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Ok, have friend open.

1. It's called an " Order of Notice". They have till Dec. 15 , then they can move forward , so I guess the order starts after the 15th. I think just put it into the Supreme Court . How do I present this to the court using the attorney complaint , put it also in the verification of complaint and CR( tm) ?  I know you sent out the response to the  Supreme Court , will that be part of it as well?  I understand the action.

2.  I'll do the  verification of complaint and have it ready to go by Wednesday ,  I don't think it matters when I get it in there as long as I get it in there . I still have the CR that they have to respond to proof of claim , that I sent a week ago. I have to wait 30 days until the next letter.

3.  I sent one to Wilmington savings and I sent the other one to the current attorney and added  "Attorneys name , and any and all successors ". I also addressed the Law Firm name and "et al" above Attn: attorney so and so. I sent a courtesy copy to Land court and requested they put the $1. Pmo into the escrow. They told me they don't have to look at that because I'm not in the military and that's what this notice is about,  only.  They said to take it to Superior Court, I'll take it to Supreme Court.

4. Ok

5. Ok

6. Ok

7. Ok

Thank you