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ok, these questions have been answered elsewhere in the forums, I guess I just need to move them here but here goes:

PO Box. Get one, but have a friend open it, just so it is "at arm's length"

1. It depends. Is there already a judgement or order issued? Cause if so, then the matter is going to the supreme court. IF not, then you can put it in locally; you can also put into the Supreme Court using the complaint filed by the Attorney; if you comprehend the action is a breach of peace and contract.

2. Well, in this case, the Verification of Complaint if in regards to the CASE itself and the CR(tm) "process" is just EVIDENCE, so you send copies of whatever to whomever you think needs them

3. who did you send the CR(tm) because that will be the PLAINTIFF ATTORNEY? If the CR(tm) was not the current attorney and all successors, then redo the CR(tm) "process."

4. yes

5. if that is who issues the BC, then yes

6. EACH witness is notarized

7. Someone else mails as witness ... originals to the court, copies to whomever. Certified Mail to the Court, first class stamp copies elsewhere

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